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*Cathy: Cruel and Kind*
*Mr Lockwood and Peace Eternal*

*Wuthering Heights*

Cathy and Heathcliff on Peniston Crag.


Cathy and Heathcliff sit upon Peniston Crag (aka Peniston Crags, Penistone Crag, Penistone Craggs), their Castle, where she is his Queen and he is her Brave Knight.

Unfortunatley, this is not the beginning of Wuthering Heights I wanted. That has been removed. It does includes the beautiful theme song but not the howling winds that magnify the traveller's concerns. Still the Theme is there and I thank the contributor. The images are spectacular and it is a wonderful example of visual art.

  • Merle Oberon .... Cathy Linton
  • Laurence Olivier .... Heathcliff
  • David Niven .... Edgar Linton
  • Flora Robson .... Ellen Dean
  • Donald Crisp .... Dr. Kenneth
  • Geraldine Fitzgerald .... Isabella Linton
  • Hugh Williams .... Hindley
  • Leo G. Carroll .... Joseph Earnshaw
  • Miles Mander .... Mr. Lockwood
  • Cecil Kellaway .... Earnshaw
  • Cecil Humphreys .... Judge Linton
  • Sarita Wooton .... Cathy (younger)
  • Rex Downing .... Heathcliff (younger)
  • Douglas Scott .... Hindley (younger)

This is one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. The casting is perfect, the story line heartbreaking, yet brilliant.

This story by Emily Bronte makes one want to weep as Cathy and Heathcliff destroy each other with their wild passion. But you must make sure that you see the original movie, starring Sir Lawrence Olivier and Merle Oberon. No remake will ever be the same.Cathy and Heathcliff at Thrushcross Grange

I've always loved this picture. Cathy looks in on the Linton's party and wants to be like them. She says "Isn't it wonderful?...Isn't she beautiful? That's the kind of dress I'll wear. And you will have a red velvet coat and silver buckles on your shoes. Oh Heathcliff! Will we? Will we ever?" But look at Heathcliff! His expression is one of disbelief and confusion! Is this what Cathy wants, when they could be together in their more simple life? After looking in, he looks back at her, then looks in again. He is quite puzzled.

My picture, taken looking down on Ponden Hall.The front door of Ponden Hall

Ponden Hall was thought to be the basis of Thrushcross Grange, of which Cathy became enthralled and obsessed, and so began the gradual dissolution of her relationship with Heathcliff and the resulting destruction of their love. Yet that love remained beyond other marriages and even death. Cathy and Heathcliff were as One.

As Cathy once said of Heathcliff to Ellen, the housekeeper of Wuthering Heights, after entertaining Edgar Linton and declaring her "love" for him. "He (Heathcliff) seems to take pleasure in being mean and brutal. And yet, he's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. And Linton's is as different as frost from fire ...Ellen, I am Heathcliff!!! Everything he's suffered, I've suffered. The little happiness he's ever known, I've had too. Oh Ellen, if everything in the world died and Heathcliff remained, life would still be full for me."

She was unaware that Heathcliff had been sitting just outside the kitchen, listening to everything Cathy had said about her "love" for Edgar. He left before the above revelation. Next