*Tapestries: La Dame á la Licorne*

I had to place another video here as the previous was discontinued. The music is different and I thought it made a great change. Produced by KiaBlizzard. There are some gorgeous pictures here but do not confuse a Unicorn with the flying horse, Pegasus.

* * *

These are the Tapestries featuring La Dame á la Licorne from the Musée des Thermes in Paris.Apart from the first, they represent the five senses.

To wish, to desire.

This tapestry apparently has some confused, and it is considered mysterious. It is called "A Mon Seul Désir and that could be translated as "To my only desired one", which I do not believe is the correct translation, but I will work on that.

To touch.

Simply, to be able to to touch a Unicorn.

To smell.

A special perfume is presented here.


To see a Unicorn means purity in heart and mind, not only in the body.

To taste.

Not sure what they are tasting, but I guess the Unicorn is offering some nourishment.


Unicorns love music, and the Lady is now honouring her guest with the same.