*My Unicorns*

Here is a short video from "The Last Unicorn". A very beautiful movie, but remember, there is no such thing as 'The Last Unicorn'. They will always exist in The Golden Age.

Two of my Unicorns in shadow.

This photograph features two of my Unicorns who were put in shadow by my candle oil burner.

Specially made for me.Unicorn, once on a bell stand.

The larger Unicorn was made by my sister-in-law. The other used to have a bell-like stand, but unfortunately it was broken. I went to a glass repairer, and he replaced it with a champagne flute. I do have names for all my Unicorns, but for now that is still my secret.

My docile Unicorn.

This is my tame unicorn who is being adored by a "virgin". I believe that those who can see Unicorns are pure in their heart and mind. Oh, they have committed the odd sin here and there, but they know right from wrong.

My wild Unicorn.

I don't know why this maiden made my Unicorn rampage. Perhaps she was not true to herself, or to the one she truly loved.

I bought this tapestry at Chateau Chenonceau. I blacked out part of the fence because I could not bear the thought of a Unicorn being caged in. Unicorns seemed to be abound in France at one stage. There are the Tapestries featuring La Dame á la Licorne from the Musée des Thermes in Paris on the next page.

This is a mounted picture that was given to me. It's quite adorable, especially when you closely examine what each unicorn is doing. The male is in full glory, while the mothers stay close to their young ones, displaying delightful maternal relationships.

My tiny Unicorn with a Crystal. This is my tiniest Unicorn, although funnily enough it is the biggest in the collage at the top of the page. I don't think that you can see the Crystal beneathe its hooves in full glory. This was also a present and I love it dearly. It could do with a clean however.

This is my latest Unicorn.This Unicorn will be very Powerful and Special and will protect everyone and everything in my Home, wherever that may be.

My latest Unicorn