*My Personal Description of the Unicorn*

This is another video of beautiful Unicorn pictures. But just remember, there is no last Unicorn.

From the many pictures I have collected of The Unicorn, I have built up my own personal description of the creature. The pictures that appear may or may not differ from my perception. However I believe The Unicorn is seen in many forms, not unlike how God is seen in many forms to His followers.

I imagine that when I finally see a Unicorn, I will sense something different but not in the least frightening. I imagine that I will see a shimmering light casting a glow over the most wondrous creature. There would stand a snowy-white, four-legged animal that looked similar to a daintily built horse,except for its distinctive cloven hooves. It has a gossamer like beard, a flowing silken white main and a full tail.

Set upon its forehead is a slender white spiral horn. Its eyes are of a seemingly bottomless blue that glitter and sparkle.

It has been said that only the purest of maidens could tame the Unicorn. It would lay it's head in her lap, trusting completely. Evil, greedy men would use a virgin maiden to lure the Unicorn to her, and then they would trap it and cut off its horn.The Maiden and the Unicorn - Domenico Zampieri 1602 However, the more I have read and learned of the Unicorn, I believe it is the purity of the heart and mind and not the body that allows one to view the Unicorn. For who is to judge what is impure when it applies to the actions of Mankind. One must be true to oneself if one is to aspire to greater things. And one of those, I believe is a sighting of the Unicorn.

And what a Wondrous sight it would be!