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Twin Peaks

Little Man From Another Place dancing to this song

*The White Lodge*

Let's progress to the inhabitants of the White Lodge.

Some will disagree with me I'm sure, with some of the characters I mention. And then I also question myself. That is the good thing about Twin Peaks. You will want want to go over information, again and again.

The Little Man from another Place. I now believe he is from The Black Lodge, he is The Arm Mike cut off, and often referred to as the LMFAP.I will keep previous information about him for now until I have time to redo this page.

Yes, I believe he is from the White Lodge.Why? Well let's look at the evidence. Click on this video. I hope to find a longer version.

When Cooper is in the Red Waiting Room, the Little Man tells him that he and the look alike Laura, who is his "cousin", are from a place where the birds sing a pretty song and there is always music in the air. Which is more likely a description similar to what Hawk and Windom Earle had already described as the White Lodge.

It has also been noted that he and the giant (who is most definitely from the White Lodge) are pictured in the hieroglyph on the Good side of the mountain peaks.Hieroglyph of map in Owl's Cave.This assumption does confuse me, because they seem to be closer to the picture of fire. Perhaps the line running through cuts them off. The waterfall where Mike often heads off to find Bob, is also close. Water puts out fire so maybe this is another sign of the White Lodge.

There is one contentious issue concerning whether the LMFAP is from the Black or White Lodge.The word is Garmonbozia. This word translates as "pain and suffering" and is represented by creamed corn. The LMFAP is seen eating this, but another entity from the White Lodge, Mrs Tremond (more later), refuses it, with her meals on wheels. Perhaps the LMFAP eats it to consume the pain and suffering of others.

He is a confusing character as he is often seen with Bob, but also with the Giant (more soon),look alike Laura and also Cooper. In one episode, he said he "is the arm." LMFAP This is believed to be the arm that Mike had cut off because it led to the Black Lodge. As the embodiment of the Bad arm, he has relieved Mike of his evil past.I believe the LMFAP is like the mediator, he takes in all, the good and bad, as he sees that is a way to prevent further torment to others. That is why he resides in the Waiting room, so he can greet the Good or the Bad.

This is all I have done on Twin Peaks at this stage. Perhaps you might like to watch the DVD's and see what you think of this brilliant series!