Suede 2003

*2003 Concert Reviews*

(And a surprise at the end.)

To coincide with the release of the album Singles, Suede played a unique set of gigs over five nights. Each night, they played one of their five albums in entirety.

Their first show, dedicated to their debut album Suede was an outstanding success. It included their first live performance of 'Breakdown', old B-sides and two new songs, 'Attitude' and 'Golden Gun'.

There was also an exhibition area, displaying an entire wall of Suede magazine front covers, photos, artwork- current and original concepts and a shop selling Suede albums, merchandise and a selection of the band's favourite books and movies.

Dog Man Star, considered by many as Suede's best album was the agenda for the next show. An incredible night was had by all. All the favourites were heard plus the amazing encore featuring three of Suede's best B sides (or other tracks if you prefer), 'The Living Dead', 'My Dark Star' and 'Killing of a Flash Boy'. All could have been A sides in their own right. The following is a video of The Living Dead. It features Bernard not Richard. This is an original.

Coming Up

The third show featured Coming Up, once described by Select Magazine as the "Comeback of the Century" and it was another front cover. This was the album that united a new Suede and threw them back into the headlights and headlines. And it showed in the band's party like attitude. They played through the album and an excellent choice of B (there's that letter again) sides, thoroughly enjoying themselves almost as much as the audience.


Suede 2003

The commencement of the Head Music show, confused much of the crowd. Alex, Richard and Brett, one at a time began a different rhythmic beat, quite strange and wondrous, until the debut of 'Hi-Fi'. Simon joins in, there is more rhythm and the sounds of a Hi-Fi city echo through the audience. And when the band break into 'Head Music', it all starts to make sense. Suede are playing the album in the way they felt at the time. Listen to the lyrics, the style, and the inner meanings. Yes, it is " ...all in the mind". After a few well-known and often performed songs, the live premiere of 'Asbestos' arrives and as the rest of the album is unrolled, one wonders why this was Suede's least popular album. The songs are brilliant. The encore includes another debut, 'God's Gift' a beautiful other side. The new songs, 'Attitude', 'Golden Gun' are replayed and to end the night, it is back to DMS with the breathtaking double of 'The Asphalt World' and 'Still Life'.

The final night has arrived and with it, A New Morning.

Suede 2003
This is an album where the songs seem to be loved and appreciated being played live than heard on an Album. The band is all go again tonight and Brett is talking to the crowd, much to the delight and amazement of many. I'm not sure why, from what I have heard he is always open to the audience but maybe this was in a more special way.

Having cruised through the album, the other sides were played and once more the new songs. Finally after playing several repeats off the earlier albums, Brett asks the audience what final song they would like to hear. Well, we in the know don't even blink when the unanimous roar is for 'Stay Together'. And this incredible song is finally performed live by the current Suede, and don't the crowd just love it. It would have been worth the price of all five nights just to hear this gem live. I wonder how the band felt later, because it was an amazing rendition. Unfortunately I have been unable to get this Youtube back at this time, will try again.

'Attitude' is now out in three formats and Singles was released on 20th October, 2003.