*The Singles Album, 'Attitude' and 2003 concerts*

On the Official Suede site last weekend, 17th May 2003, Brett Anderson joined the band's admirers on the Suede Forum and answered many questions. This is what he had to say about the next group of songs and album.

Brett Anderson: "most of the new material is more aggressive and less song based than anm. we're spending a lot of time working on tracks that sound nothing like traditional suede. there's a kind of electronic reggae thing called attitude, an insane metallic robot march called golden gun and a punky thrash called i don't need a high. i needed to write something as soulful as anm at the time but now that's out of my system and it's time to release the beast."  (N.B. All talk was done inlower case.) This is the 'Attitude' video live.

As I mentioned before, each Suede album is different and I'm really excited to find out more about the new music!

News from The Official Suede Site


To commemorate the release of their long-awaited singles collection, aptly named Singles, Suede will be taking over the Institute Of Contemporary Art from Monday 22nd September for a week-long celebration of their illustrious career as pop pioneers. To help things out here, this is the promo-video of the single of 'Everything Will Flow'.

Suede will play five unique concerts, each of them featuring a different Suede album in its entirety. This will be the first time many of these songs have ever been performed live in public - and almost certainly the only chance to hear some of them ever. To make each night even more special, Suede will encore with a selection of b-sides and rarities, chosen by the fans themselves from the broad sweep of Suede's rich musical heritage.

This following video of "The Wild Ones" is certainly a memorable moment, taken at The Phoenix Festival in 1995. Just as the band were bringing the crowd back to the delights of Suede and their new guitarist, the heavens cruelly opened above them. Looking like a younger version of Bryan Ferry, with the rain lashing about him, Brett stood at the foot of the stage, with both arms raised above him. Suede were determined to make this their night. And they did!

In addition to these very special concerts, the ICA will also be holding an exhibition of Suede artwork and memorabilia from over the years.

Singles is scheduled for release in early October.

Suede in 2003, still marching on.

News from The Official Suede Site