Paris Home


Why this song? It was playing around at the time and reminds me how much I still love Paris. I was tempted to use Whitney Houston's 'I will always love you', but I knew I'd never live that down, so I'll play that at home quietly.

So with most of the sight seeing done, it was time to party. But I must start with what I call "The end of a hilarious day"


I decided to do a cruise along the slightly superior class of the Right bank. I strolled up the rue de Rivoli, past the Louvre, up to the rue Saint-Honoré, continued to the rue de Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, and to the House of Versace. Didn't I just love these outfits? Again, I went inside, but although everyone once more was so polite and courteous, I wasn't offered help. I think you need to make an appointment, grab things off the rack and asked for the dressing room or just accept that they know you are a tourist. So here's where the fun began. I decided to head back to the Place Vendôme, and check out the Ritz and the classy jewellery stores.

Except I walked straight past the Place, got lost near the Palais Royale and found myself back in the rue de Rivoli. And I thought I knew Paris well. Time for lunch, I decided. I was writing in my diary while waiting to be served and my pen rolled off the table after I decided to have a break from writing. Well, what did I do, (and I still do not know why) but scramble under, not only, my table but also the neighbouring tables until I found it. Much to the bemusement and amusement of the locals who were seated for lunch. I felt so embarrassed, I left my table at the front of the restaurant and sat further back missing out on the delights of a table by the footpath, watching the Parisians stroll by.

Place Vendôme.It's hard to remember what happened next. I think it was when I sent part of my lunch off the plate, and left there tipping the waiter far more than would have been expected before I realised. I fled back towards the Place Vendôme and tripped up into a doorway when visiting a shop along the way. Yet, I finally found the Place. However, do you see those little poles sticking up all around the Place? Yes? Well I walked into one of the larger ones, then tripped down a step. When I finally recovered enough to take a photo, this was the result! My fingers all over the lens. Ever get the feeling you should have stayed in bed. So leaving the scene I found a nice friendly café, had one or perhaps two glasses of wine and merrily made my way back to my hotel, without any further incidences.

Houseboat on the Seine.

Back to fun again. I met two English guys at a bar in Les Halles (Right Bank). We went to a houseboat on the Seine, where a friend of theirs moored his boat across from The Louvre. (We are now on Left bank.)
Water Police. Drinking coffee and enjoying the beautiful night air, we were very surprised to be visited by the Water Police. I'm not sure what the problem was, but it was solved and we continued lying on the bank staring into a spectacular Paris sky.

Le Pont Neuf.

Le Pont Neuf. A bridge where buskers perform, people congregate, eat and drink their food and wine and watch the sun set over Le Notre Dame. I was there one evening with a friend and we enjoyed brilliant scenery, entertaining company and free music to match all in an expensive city. Of course, the buskers approached us for food, which I was more than willing to give in return for the entertainment. It was all worth it! And I hope they enjoyed the meal.

Bar 1929

I had to go back to Bar 1929 and the same wonderful people were still there. Even most of the regulars. One of the owners loved to make new cocktails and he always asked me to test them. They were always excellent but I knew I'd need to drink lots of water, due to their intoxicating aftermath.

Niels Club

Niel's Night Club. Selective door policy. Well I got in!!! With my escort, a French airline pilot. Had a great night. I left him sitting and I danced with everyone else I could find. Definitely worth a visit. (Right Bank).


My French Wedding. At a bar in Les Marais (Right bank), I "married" a French guy, so I could become a French citizen. As you can see, (or can't see) it was all a great joke and much fun.

The Best Man speech.

For a start, the ring was put on his wrong hand (once again if you can or can't see). The Norwegian Best Man wore both my bags around his neck to prevent their loss while he gave the speech, but I think you had to be there to appreciate the humour of it.

Rue Mouffetard.

Finally, this might sound touristy, but it's not. The Rue Mouffetard in the Latin Quarter is an amazing market in a narrow road. All sorted foodstuffs available from many countries, but also clothes and jewellery, trinkets galore can be found there. It is well worth spending an entire day there and perhaps having a lovely meal and wine at Le Mouffetard brasserie. The owners are so friendly and talkative, especially if you are an Australian and try to speak in French. Yet, if you couldn't even say "merci" the staff would still treat you well. They did for me. So, this is the end of Paris, as I have not returned there since 1994. So until I do, or unless I find photos and things to be added, this is the closure of this section.