Paris Home


This song must seem a strange choice of music for me, but it was playing about Paris quite a lot in the month I spent there in 1993. It was extremely hard to go back to the Ordinary World at the end of my visit. It was in June, 1993 and I had so much fun that anything else would be extremely ordinary. So I guess that is why I chose this song for Paris 1993. I spent a month in France, three weeks of those would in Paris. I had planned to tour the Champagne région during the second week, but the magic of Paris kept me there a little longer. After my first week I sat in the Jardin du Luxembourg for ages trying to decide whether to go now, or stay a bit longer. See the picture on the left . I stayed. Jardin_du_Luxembourg: I stayed.

Sunning by the Seine. So why? I just had a great first week. So I went for a walk along The Seine. I became uncomfortably hot in two T shirts. Noticing that most people were half dressed, I sat under one of the overheads and removed the offending shirt, leaving the short one on. Although several people passed by, no one blinked an eyelid, considering the short T was on top. Us girls have a way of doing this without any exposure. In fact I was probably considered weird for not doing it openly!

Latin Quarter

I stayed in the Latin Quarter this time. It is known by this name because Latin was the language used by the students here, until the Revolution. We are of course referring to The University Sorbonne.

Place du Sorbonne

But that's all very well for stats and things. Let's get on to why The Sorbonne is so important this year. Because while I was there, it was and is always part of the "Festival de Musique Française". All over France music is celebrated on this day, which I recall began on 21st June.

La Place du Sorbonne

I spent some time here in the afternoon, enjoying the local and University bands. Then I headed off to my most favourite haunt in Paris - Bar 1929.

Why is this the best bar in Paris? Two wonderful brothers and their incredible sister run this place. And they play music from all over the world, even stuff you have bought, yourself, in Paris.

Bar 1929.

They are so friendly and make us foreigners so welcome. The other bar staff and the people that congregate there are also so encouraging for English speakers to practice their French, engage in backgammon and the million and one games I discovered there.


Across the road, is The Mayflower, a bar based on American ancestry. There are wonderful people there as well, so it was great on the day of the Festival de Musique Française, to be in between both bars.

MayflowerMayflower Staff

Festival de Musique.


You could go back and forward to each bar, or stay put and just listen the music. They had bands playing on the street, day and night, and the same thing was happening all over France. Whatever music you wanted you could go and listen to. I just enjoyed the Rock and the Blues bands that alternated inbetween each bar. It was amazing!

Millésimes with owner out front.

Millésimes! What a find this place was! Wine and cheese to please your every mood. Left Bank, Montparnasse. I went there twice. They have the most amazing selections of both, you can spend hours there. Highly recommended!