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A Quoi Ça Sert L'Amour remains one of my favourite songs and I first heard it in 1992. The gentleman in the video is Théo Sarapo, Edith Piaf's second husband and the love of her life.

I did stop in Paris, two to three times between 1977 and 1979, but this particular visit was the first time I'd spent an entire one week!! (just being sarcastic with myself.) The reason for such a short visit was that the main objective to my 1992 trip was to reacquaint myself with London and then on to Yorkshire, to continue my research on my family tree and Richard III, but I really wanted to see Paris again.Place du Tertre.

So in this short time, I had to explore all the places I'd missed before. I will definitely concentrate on the fun places but some tourist attractions will have to to mentioned. On this visit, my hotel was in the Montmartre district (The Right Bank). It gave me the chance to visit the Place du Tertre. This is a very touristy area where a cup of coffee costs a small fortune. And of course nearby is the Sacré Cœur, a very impressive church visited by thousands of people at a time. (I prefer the Cathédrale de Notre Dame.)

A side road to the top.

But there is a bonus by visiting these well known places. Try using the side streets up to the Sacré Cœur, where you will come across beautifully kept streets, gorgeous rustic houses, unique small shops, and lustrous gardens.

The steps to the Sacré Cœur.

Avoid if you can, the cable cars and the steep steps to the top, unless it is non-tourist season.

View from hotel room.

Actually, the best view I have seen of the Sacré Cœur, was from my hotel room in 1994, where I stayed for part of my Paris visit. You can see it on the right of the middle of the window.

View from Caf� Costes.

I spent some time in the market area of Les Halles, which is very up market these days. I went to the well known Café Costes, and as well as good food and wine, it provided entertainment in the Place des Innocents, where I watched passersby, and listened to the buskers.

One night I visited Chez Ginette, a restaurant upstairs,Chez Ginette.and a disco downstairs.Downstairs disco.The owner and the staff made me so very welcome. Ecstatic that an Australian came to their place on recommendation, they freely let me take photos, played the piano for me, and gave me the odd free drink. They were all wonderful and I recommend this establishment to everyone! (Just don't mention the odd free drink!)


Of course I had to venture into rue de Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. The House of Lancôme was the first call. I was proud that I could discuss my current skin problem, could identify which product I needed and furthermore could say this in french.


Next stop was Versace. I fell in love with the black outfit, but needless to say after looking about inside, I couldn't afford it. The staff were very nice to me, all smiling etc., but no one approached me, to see if I needed any help. One Day!!!

La Locomotive on the left.

On another occasion, with new found French friends, I went to La Locomotive night-club, which is right next door to The Moulin Rouge. Yes, I did had a great night and I recommend you go there.