Muse 2006

Black Holes & Revelations

One of the most enjoyable things about a Muse Concert is watching the camaraderie between the three men. If you go back to Band Members and The Becoming of Muse you can read up again on how they met and formed the band. It only goes to show how well friendship works when you hear each new album or view them in their latest concert. This is the magic of Muse.

In September 2006, Matt explained the meaning of Black Holes and Revelations to Q Artwork to Black Holes and RevelationsMagazine. "Black holes and revelations - they're the two areas of songwriting for me that make up the majority of this album. A revelation about yourself, something personal, something genuine of an every day nature that maybe people can relate to. Then the black holes are these songs that are from the more... unknown regions of the imagination."

Pomp-Rock still remains my favourite description of the music Muse plays and it definitely lingers on in the majestic performance that is this album. For me it is the best to date and it shows how much they have progressed. Along the way, their sound is becoming more and more magnificant and their future cannot yet even be imagined.

Artwork for Map of the ProblematiqueThree songs met me along my journey as the absolute quality of Black Holes and Revelations became apparent, although the artwork opposite was one of the best. 'Exo-Politics' was the first song I heard from this Album (on the radio) and loved it immediately, remembering chorus lines after only one hearing. Yet, all too soon, the beauty that is 'Invincible' stole its way into my heart with its poignant, soul-rendering melody. Below is live at Wembley.

However, no one prepared me for 'Knights of Cydonia', which thundered into my lounge room, and exploded into the most melodramatic pomp-rock song that Muse have ever delivered. And it is spectacular, a sheer delight in all ways, incredible vocals and backing, brilliant drumming and guitar work with incredible background effects. Can anyone or will anyone, including Muse, top this? Just watch the video of this song played at the recent Wembley concerts.

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A concert by Muse is like watching a rock band, an acrobatic performance, a laser show,Muse in concert. a pyrotechnics production and a symphony orchestra all combined into one (which is definitely value for money), and I'm sure there is a lot more I could add. Suffice to say they are incredible and they must now be the best live band in the world.

(Apologies to Suede, because in their time they were the best live band.)

More pix of Muse live, however.

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