Party tricks in Perth.

*Perth: Metro City*

Matt during New Born.

How does one begin to describe Muse and their style of music, especially when you have seen them live? I have tried throughout this Muse section to do so, but now I need some help. I have decided I will use the outstanding song "Butterflies and Hurricanes" for assistance. Watch this video and see for yourself.

Once when tuning into the radio, the instrumental break with Matt on piano was playing. You could imagine you were at a Symphony Orchestral concert, such is the glorious anthemic sound created by these three extremely talented musicians. Then as Matt's vocals launched into the next verse, I am hearing a rock band, very classy, but definitely a Rock Band! One with an ever changing disguise and mountains of versatility.

The rendition of the song tonight was nothing less than brilliant. The lines speak for themselves.

"Best, you've got to be the best. Your time is now."

And now is Muse's time.

Matt, Dom and Chris have finally taken Australia by storm, witnessed at their Big Day Out appearances throughout the country. And by the end of this concert tour, surely the most hardened doubters of Muse's devastating impact and music ability, could not help but be caught up with these majestical performances in a style that could easily be described as pomp-rock, a genre of which I once heard and thought it described Muse most appropriately.Chris in Perth.

Tonight's show, from the enthralling, frenzied bass introduction of "Hysteria" through such highlights including "Sunburn", "Plug-in Baby", "Time is Running Out" and encore "Stockholm Syndrome", kept the audience enslaved by a breathtaking display of musical prowess that only a band like Muse could deliver.

Matt's stage performance is amazing, either found on his knees, jumping about the stage, then behind the piano and back to guitar. This charisma is shared by the antics of Dom and Chris and this is a band that knows how to get a crowd involved in the music, and involved they definitely were, singing along loudly, mainly to the songs from Absolution. Unfortunately, not many at the front knew the words from the two earlier albums. However, I'm sure that has changed. If they didn't own the albums before, the chances are they do now.

Sunburn was performed in Perth. Here it is live at BDO in Sydney, 2004.


Dom in Perth.


The encore seemed brief compared to the magnificence of their performance, and left the crowd hungering for more.

Hopefully the enthusiastic ovation given to Muse will keep Perth on their touring agenda.