Muse 2003


The new album was released on September 22nd, 2003. The first single 'Stockholm Syndrome', was released in August. The 2nd single, 'Time is Running Out, is out now. Here is a video of this song.


The Album is called Absolution and the limited release includes a DVD featuring the production of the CD. There is a possibility this may be my favourite Muse album yet! Still as all their albums are so easily mind grabbing, it's a difficult choice.

In an interview with 'rock sound' magazine in October 2003, Muse discuss various issues which are obviously behind the even darker music on the latest album.


Matt talked about how much he was against capital punishment, when there is a possibility that one in every 100 people executed could be innocent. He has a great mistrust and obvious disdain towards the world leaders who allow this to continue. He believes they are just puppets who are controlled by the big people who own the big companies i.e. pharmaceutical, media and oil. They are more powerful than the politicians who just say and do what they are asked or told.

ChrisDom and Chris agree.Dom

Matt believes the depletion of the worlds natural resources and the war mentality makes the advent of the apocalypse inevitable. Something is going to happen and it may well be that Earth is eaten up by the Sun. There is so much change in the climate already.

Religion has been a theme throughout all their albums, more so in this one. Matt finds he cannot settle on anything and is currently non-religious. It does worry him where he is going when he dies and finds all his doubts and questions come out in the music because that's where he thinks "about all that stuff."

I immediately thought of 'Thoughts of a Dying Atheist' and the line "it scares the hell out of me", except when you read the entire lyrics it does not seem to be about personal death, more about the apocalypse. I should remember that Matt said in a previous interview that he did not like to reveal the meanings of his songs because he did not want to disappoint the fans.

All of Muse believe there must be a more scientific explanation for why we are here. Chris says the Bible is like reading a fantasy story.

Matt's theory, and it is really not that unbelievable, is that our DNA is a mixure of a species from outer space and apes. That is why we have animal instincts and the more advanced thought. It explains the conflict between the two.

I knew the thoughts on the latest album would prove interesting!!

And here is my favourite song from Absolution, played live at Wembley 2003, "Endlessly".