*Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry and Hullabaloo*

Still unable to crack into the big time, and with many empty gigs and unappreciative audiences, one would think they would become disheartened. However, it only made Muse more determined to get their music heard and appreciated.

At last, Dennis Smith, owner of Sawmills recording studio saw them perform and Muse's rise began.

In 1998, an EP "Muse" was released under Sawmills label 'Dangerous Records', featuring 'Escape', 'Coma', 'Overdue' and 'Cave'. In 1999, a 2nd EP titled "Muscle Museum", featuring 'Instant Messanger', 'Unintended', 'Uno', 'Sober' and 'Muscle Museum' was released. Both were limited editions and although they began to attract a greater audience and interest, and were also getting radio play and music magazine exposure, not one English label approached them. This is "Uno". Think now about the idiots who ignored them!

Taste Media was created especially for Muse, and finally they were launched in the US. Madonna's label Maverick signed them and through Taste Media, Muse were signed to Mushroom in the UK and Australia, plus other labels in different countries.

This saw the the re-release of "Uno", "Cave", and "Muscle Museum", the latter also re-released in 2000.Showbiz

Showbiz was recorded and released in September 1999 in France and Germany, and in October 1999 in the UK. With the success of this Album, the year 2000 saw many tours and festivals around Europe and as far as Japan and Australia.

"Our first Album was one of a group in search of it's identity, the second will show us as a group settling into that identity."(M. Bellamy: Source to this quote misplaced. If it is yours, please email).

Origin of Symmetry was released in June 2001 and continued with the vital,Origin of Symmetry. passionate and dramatic grandiosity of "Showbiz", yet it has a maturity that shows the basics of raw rock. An obvious tight grunge influenced rhythm section presents a unique sound that is carried off by Matt's high pitched vocals that could flow into a raw anguished howl.

This a video of Magalomania, a brilliant song.


Hullabaloo was released in 2002 after only two albums. CD1 has a compilation of B sides from Muse's 1999 and 2000 sessions, while CD2 features Muse, live, in concert at Le Zenith in Paris, 2001. A must for all old and latest fans.


Over the years, Muse have been compared to Radiohead. Although "The Bends" had influenced their conception of music, Matt does not think they sound at all like them, and lyrically, they are completely different.

About his writing, he says; "I don't think I can explain my songs yet. I need time to think about it more. I know what I'm saying but I'm afraid of ruining what other people think the songs are about." (M. Bellamy. The Official Muse site.)

He also said in an NME article, (04/03/2000), "You can either be a violent person and go out there and kill people, or you can be in a rock band."Muse: in their dark side.

He finds the dark side is the easiest place from which to draw inspiration for his songs. However, he has written his best songs from real-life experiences.