*Cast & Introduction*  
*Story Line*  
*What an Ending!!*

*Pulp Fiction*

*Cast & Introduction*

My original clip of "Girl,You'll be a Woman Soon" was deleted. The song is here on this video in all its glory, although there is only the movie poster. But the quality is excellent so and thanks to Lakomov0.

Anyway, let's introduce the players.

  • John Travolta .... Vincent Vega
  • Samuel L. Jackson .... Jules Winnfield
  • Uma Thurman .... Mrs. Mia Wallace
  • Harvey Keitel .... Winston Wolf/The Wolf
  • Tim Roth .... Pumpkin/Ringo
  • Amanda Plummer .... Honey Bunny/Yolanda
  • Maria de Medeiros .... Fabienne
  • Ving Rhames .... Marsellus Wallace
  • Eric Stoltz .... Lance
  • Rosanna Arquette .... Jody
  • Christopher Walken .... Captain Koons
  • Bruce Willis .... Butch Coolidge
  • Quentin Tarantino .... Jimmie

  • This movie consists of multiple overlapping story lines and sub-plots, and the conclusion of the story is actually the beginning.

    It twists and turns, jumps back and forth, but make no mistake. You don't even realise this, and if you do, it's easy to follow - even the unexpected makes sense. It's all the more clever, for such scenes.

    This is a totally amazing movie, violent yes, but every violent scene has a way to its means. You can even laugh at the outcome.

    Totally brilliant, totally Tarantino style!

    Follow the arrow to find out about the characters and how this movie works so well.