*Cast And Introduction*
*Story Line*
*My Way*

*The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle*

Helen moves the blocks to make the title.

*Cast and Introduction*

  • Malcolm McLaren .... The Embezzler
  • Steve Jones .... The Crook
  • Sid Vicious .... The Gimmick
  • Paul Cook .... The Tea-Maker
  • John Lydon .... The Collaborator
  • Mary Millington .... Mary
  • Irene Handl .... Cinema Usherette
  • Edward Tudor-Pole .... Tadpole (kiosk attendant) (as Eddie Tenpole-Tudor)
  • Jess Conrad .... Jess
  • Liz Fraser .... Woman in Cinema
  • Ronnie Biggs .... The Exile
  • Helen Wellington-Lloyd .... Helen (as Helen of Troy)
  • Julian Holloway .... Man
  • John Shannon .... Nazi
  • Alan Jones .... Record Executive

The reason why I like this movie? Although it does not give the entire band's perspectives, i.e. John Lydon aka, Johnny Rotten, and John Ritchie, aka Sid Vicious?

Because it's about the Sex Pistols! Isn't that obvious! It's got to be good. So much film, songs and videotapes. It's just brilliant, despite the bad reviews it received. Perhaps, this is mainly due to the biased interpretation. However, I think most fans just love seeing the band in action.

In my opinion, the show piece and one of my main reasons for loving this film is Sid Vicious doing "My Way". What a superb video. Find it in "My Way" page.

Finding pictures available on the Internet and in book stores has been really hard. But now by having YouTube videos, it may not be necessary.