Suave & White Roses

Hello and welcome. This site is all about my Favourite Passions.

?Suave? Altered version of the cover of Suede's first single 'The Drowners' featuring VerushkaWhite Roses

I mean my Passions, as opposed to my Obsessions.

Some people believe I overdo the Passionate thing, to the point where they tell me I'm Obsessed. Maybe that's true, but if it makes me happy, who cares???


  • Obsession = A persistent thought or idea dominating a person's mind.
  • Passion = A strong emotion.

And upon reading those definitions, I would say I am a Passionate Person and not an Obsessive one. Therefore I hope I bring a little Passion into your lives, with some of mine.

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On the above links you can view those things that I am most Passionate about. My email address can be found at the end of this page. So please mail me, especially if anything on this site is Copyright of another person and you are offended or not recognised.

I have included several YouTube videos and if the video is at the beginning of a page, it should be started then to enhance the emotion of that page.

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This site is dedicated to my late dearly beloved brother. He was my inspiration to make my own site, just as he did with his beautiful site about his darling daughter.Miss you so much.